Fizz Waller is a versatile performer and theatre maker, she specialises in gritty roles in productions with challenging subject matter that raises social issues. In contrast to this, she is a talented comedic performer, equally engaging as Rosalind in As You Like It as she is as Alicia in Alexis Greogory’s ‘Safe’, a piece about gender and sexuality in the homeless community. 

These photographs accompany an interview and are part of an ongoing collaboration with writer Dylan Perryman (yep, he’s my twin brother). The work is a self-initiated exercise in craft and expression. Our aim is to understand and document the experiences of people who don’t work a typical 9-5. These are creative, inspiring and passionate individuals dedicated to their craft. We capture a glimpse of their lives the struggles and triumphs of taking a path less trodden. It’s a concept we developed together and we take equal responsibility in researching our subjects and arranging the shoots and interviews. The completed article can be read here.