This is a short list of my various social media pages. Follow me on any of these for more regular/informal thoughts and updates. Don’t expect it to be 100% photography related, or totally sensible/serious (I love a good cat meme as much as the next guy).





These are some places that my work has been featured.

The Edge of Humanity an excellent blog and resource for street and other photography.

These are photographers, collectives and agencies I admire and am inspired by.

In Public seminal, groundbreaking street photography collective.

Street Photography London recently established London based collective, home to some of the most promising up and coming talent.

Magnum Agency photographies’ Mount Olympus (it’s where the Gods live). Home to

Matt Stuart a brilliant street photographer and a charming man.

Bruce Gilden instincts of a hunter, balls of steel, unique and unmatched.

Martin Parr funny, profound and prolific.

Daido Moriyama in-exhaustable Japanese innovator of photography

Pau Buscato phenomenally talented street photographer from Barcelona, based in Oslo.

Hardcore Street Photography go there and be inspired to be better.

Linda Wisdom an excellent London based photographer and creator of one of my favourite ever photographs (you’ll have to guess).

Kant Rathod Brilliant street and landscape/architecture photographer. Quiet reflective and often moody photographs taken by an extremely friendly man.

The Print Space if you want your work printed right- this is the place. They also have excellent exhibitions and talks.