I was commissioned by Manifesto Digital, to create a photographic library for The Health Foundation. This is to be used in the re-branding of the Health Foundations’ digital and print content. It was shot in September 2018 over two days at two NHS hospitals and a GP surgery in Northumbria. The work was all made in real situations, using actual patients and clinicians. As you can see from the images I captured, this gives the project an honesty and authenticity that is lacking from typical images of the same subject. I am not one for testimonials as I believe my work speaks for itself, however I think my client summed up the project well “It really captures the human side of the work going on in the NHS. It has warmth, along with a mixture of humour and gravitas.”

My experience over the two days was rewarding and a revelation. I have worked in healthcare for more than a decade (firstly in an administrative role, more recently as a photographer), but it is the first opportunity I have had to spend a length of time on the frontline. I met so many wonderful people, both patients and medics, who graciously put aside their embarrassments and insecurities, to be photographed. The unifying attitude was that, if they could lend a hand and do something to help the healthcare system that they owed their life or their livelihood, then with barely a moment of hesitation they wholeheartedly agreed to participate.


Below is a selection of my favourite images from the shoot